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The New Era of Audience-Based Marketing: Tuning into the Needs of B2B Tech Buyers

A recent survey conducted by TechnologyAdvice has thrown light on a disconcerting trend that should make us marketers sit up and take notice: a staggering 60% of B2B tech buyers view the purchase process negatively. They find it either time-consuming (26%), complex (24%), or overwhelming (8%).

A Red Flag for Marketers

These alarming statistics aren't just a cry for simplification; they are a clarion call to reevaluate our entire marketing approach. The traditional methods of marketing are no longer sufficient. The answer lies in transitioning towards "Audience-Based Marketing" (ABM).

Understanding Audience-Based Marketing

In an age of information overload, marketing is no longer about broadcasting a message; it's about creating meaningful connections. Brands that succeed in today's market are those that take an empathetic and human-centric approach.

  1. Know the Customer Journey: Recognize that B2B buyers aren't just accounts but decision-makers with individual needs and preferences.

  2. Own Your Media: Act as the 'TV showrunner' for your audience, delivering authentic content that resonates and builds relationships.

  3. Prioritize Brand Familiarity: Since buyers often consider only a handful of vendors, familiarity is key. Considerations such as security and green policies are becoming vital in buying decisions.

How to Implement Audience-Based Marketing

  1. Build Trust Early: Establish brand affinity and trust even before the purchase process begins. Leverage third-party sources to build credibility.

  2. Stay Engaged Post-Sale: Maintain involvement even after the sale, ensuring ongoing customer success and building lasting relationships.

  3. Embrace Authenticity: Offer high-quality content that speaks to the unique needs and desires of your audience, cutting through the noise in an overcrowded marketplace.

  4. Align with Trends: Align your strategies with current trends such as connectivity, security, and eco-friendly policies, as they are becoming key influencers in buying decisions.

The Future of Marketing in the B2B Tech Sector

As marketers, we must recognize the shifting landscapes and adapt accordingly. Audience-Based Marketing is not merely a strategy; it's a philosophy. It's about seeing our customers as human beings with unique needs, preferences, and journeys.

In the crowded and often impersonal world of B2B tech marketing, it's time to take a more personalized and empathetic approach. By understanding, engaging, and serving our audience on their terms, we can build more profound connections and drive success.

Welcome to the exciting new era of Audience-Based Marketing, a paradigm shift that calls for innovation, empathy, and connection. Contact us to learn how we can assist you in embracing this new approach, building trust, and revolutionizing your marketing strategies today.


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