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A leading HR SaaS company wanted to improve its outbound marketing capabilities by streamlining messaging across multiple channels and leveraging new data sources to reach their ideal customer. The approach would ensure a consistent message across outbound paid marketing channels with the ability to target in real time and measure results at the person-level and account-level. The goal was to increase customer acquisition through refined targeting, expanded publisher placements, and robust data quality. 


The approach was centered around the implementation of Avani's Dynamic Demand Acceleration solution for audience identification, publisher optimization, and lead quality measurement and assurance. First, the strategy involved reviewing the historical publisher mix to understand what was working, where improvements could be made, and how leads were flowing through the funnel. Second, new region specific publishers were brought into the fold to bolster reach in EMEA and to reach the key target audiences. Third, Avani partnered with the client to devise a continuous feedback loop so that data from their CRM or sales team could be fed back into the demand model for optimizations in real time. 

With a successful pilot, Avani and the client are working on a deeper data integration and a global expansion. 


$120k saved in software fees


71% of engaged leads became qualified leads 

Highest internal engagement from leads across all paid channels

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