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Jason Gladu


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Mekenna Olsen Gutierrez

Sr. Director of Client Strategy

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Kriselle Hermano

Marketing Campaigns Manager

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Jeremy Auch

Project Coordinator

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Morgan Slater

Project Coordinator

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About Us

Avani Media is a B2B marketing and advertising agency based in Nashville, Tennessee. Our tight-knit team of experts specialize in demand and lead generation; we focus on planning, managing, and executing marketing programs that transform our customers’ businesses. With deep roots in content syndication and outbound marketing, we work with companies, brands, and venture capital firms of all shapes and sizes to accelerate their outbound marketing and drive new customers.

Our Values

Be agile

Be transparent

Treat everyone with integrity & respect

Always go the extra mile

Put people first


We’ve always aimed to do things a little differently - from our media rep days to our client interaction model to our physical workspaces. We've got folks all over the US and a great office space to collaborate in Nashville, TN.

Undeniably Experienced

From NVIDIA to Sage, Khoros to LogMeIn, our team has created complex, multi-vendor demand generation programs for some of the best around. And we’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with and plan programs for a broad range of industries including fintech, automotive, healthcare, physical security, and artificial intelligence.

Quality Focused

For all of our clients, we stay on top of the latest trends in B2B marketing, be it developing relationships with new publishers or leveraging previously unavailable data - our job is to constantly innovate and accelerate outcomes by refining programs and executing tailormade solutions. Our proprietary technology and dedicated client success team allows us to sift through leads to deliver unparalleled quality assurance. (Heck! Jeremy was even canonized by one of our clients for his QA work - he is now referred to as Sir Jeremy.)

First Class Team

The quality of our work is only as good as that of our team. With decades of combined experience in the demand and lead generation space, our team strategizes and develops top-notch services and programs. From complex, global media buys to lead generation programs spanning 6 continents, we continue to increase our value to our clients, resulting in long-lasting, fruitful relationships.

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We are a B2B demand generation agency, specializing in paid media, lead generation, and martech orchestration to drive business outcomes through a mix of data, strategy, and a laser-like focus on performance marketing
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