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heise Webcasts
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IT decision makers and technical end users.
Heise webcasts are an effective way to generate high visibility, brand awareness and targeted communication. Audiovisual displays allow a topic to be presented in detail using multimedia, allowing advertisers to address viewers' queries. By preparing topics for a specific target group, a high level of "stickiness" is assured during the webcast, which also improves the quality of leads. Leads can also be qualified through specified criteria. The entire production process is supported by heise Business Services.

Video Webcasts
  1. Live video webcasts - Live webcasts offer advertisers the unique opportunity to interact with their target groups. The duration of the webcast can be 30 to 45 minutes. Those involved can respond directly to the questions of viewers, who must register in advance and receive an access code for the event. Aftewards, the webcast can be accessed on demand for further lead generation.
  2. On-demand video webcasts - These are pre-recorded and available for retrieval at any time and are implemented in the same way as live video webcasts. There is no pre-registration and viewer access is activated following standard registration.
Audio Webcasts
  1. Live audio webcasts - With a live audio webcast, a spokesperson can, for example, present a PowerPoint presentation. The duration is between 15 and 30 minutes. The login and registration processes are operated in the same way as for live video webcasts. Following the live event, the webcast can be accessed on demand for further lead generation.
  2. On-demand audio webcasts - For this format, advertisers have the choice of reworking previously completed audio webcasts. These can also be integrated with Flash or WMV video files within heise's whitepaper platform.