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Le Journal du Net


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69/71 Avenue Pierre Grenier
92517 Boulogne-Billancourt Cedex
Tel: +33 1 47 79 50 00
Fax: + 33 1 47 79 50 01

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Le Journal du Net Livres Blancs
Accessible to 4.8 million monthly users
Target Audience:
IT and corporate decision makers.
Le Journal du Net (JDN) is France's leading online technology newspaper. It provides a comprehensive daily view of developments, changes and events in information technology, telecommunications and the Internet in France and the world. JDN targets corporate leaders and decision makers responsible for complex technical projects and e-business.

Comprehensive news coverage is supplemented by reports and analyses on specific themes. The website contains the following main channels:
  1. JDN e-business - information on economic, marketing, communication and strategic issues with an emphasis on e-commerce, e-business, mobile services and telecommunications.
  2. JDN solutions - in-depth technology and Internet solutions for IT professionals (including CIOs and CTOs) overseeing technical projects. Sections include systems and networks, intranet, business solutions, IT security, and the IT industry.
  3. JDN développeurs - editorial reference for the IT development community (including computer programmers and systems administrators), featuring tutorials and other resources.
  4. JDN économie - provides executives and company directors with analysis of current economic conditions, company developments, and business trends as well as interviews and economic news.
  5. JDN management - high level management site covering management techniques and news on the economy and company organization.
In addition to JDN's various business and technology channels, the site also hosts whitepapers and specialist documents in their Livres Blancs section. Users must complete a registration form to access each asset. Please note: Le Journal du Net only offers this service in conjunction with online advertising campaigns placed on their website.