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Automatisering Gids Online Whitepaper Library
The Netherlands
Registered Users:
Dutch & English
http://www.automatiseringgids.nl/IT in bedrijf/whitepaper library.aspx
Target Audience:
IT executives, managers and professionals, general managers and business consultants.
Automatisering Gids is the most trusted IT resource for IT and business professionals in the Netherlands.  AG addresses key topics such as IT strategy, project budgeting, and building IT solutions.  Almost 50% of AG's audience are employed in IT and 48% have general management roles.  In addition, more than 70% of users work in a decision making or advisory role in their companies.

In addition to AG's popular weekly newspaper and web services, the site offers lead generation via a whitepaper library. To ensure the quality of leads generated from whitepaper downloads, AG automatically filters out students and consultants; other filters are available upon request. Lastly, as part of each whitepaper campaign, the advertiser's assets are promoted in newsletters and through traffic drivers on AG's website. Following are some of the major categories of whitepapers and case studies in AG's library:
    1. Business Software (subcategories include: Accounting & Finance, CMS, CRM, Data Management, and SOA)
    2. CIO (subcategories include: Communications and Mobile, Data Center Management, Security and Risk Management, and Storage)
    3. Infosecurity (subcategories include: Network Security and Security Management)
    4. Management (subcategories include: Asset Management, Business Intelligence, Business Service Management, and System Management)
    5. Mobile (subcategories include: Field Service Management, Logistics & Transport Management, and Mobile Data Solutions)
    6. Networking (subcategories include: (Tele)Communications, LAN/WAN, Mobile/Wireless, Network Management, and Network Technologies)
    7. Security
    8. Storage