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Oct/10: Online publisher Commentcamarche announces the acquisition of Benchmark Group. Combined, the two top companies are among the top ten online publishers in France. The newly formed company is now known as CCMBenchmark.

Benchmark Group, publisher of Le Journal du Net, Le Journal des Femmes and L'Internaute, has been acquired by Commentcamarche, a "social knowledge" model community that has approximately 38 million unique visitors each month. Commentcamarche prides itself on providing a place for users to understand new concepts while meeting each other, sharing knowledge and finding answers to specific questions.

Benchmark Group was launched in 1996 with Internet Strategy, the first newsletter dedicated exclusively to the web. Its sister site, Strategie-internet.com eventually grew into the well-known site, Le Journal du Net. Beginning in 2001, Benchmark expanded to include L'Internaute Magazine and in 2003, launched Le Journal des Femmes.

Commentcamarche was initially launched in 1999 as an outlet for the high-tech market with its first high-tech site, Commentcamarche.net. In 2008, the publishing group expanded to include Droitfinances.net, a legal and financial information site, Santemedicine.net, a health related site, and Cuisine.net, a kitchen and food site.

Avani Media is the exclusive North American advertising representative of CCMBenchmark.