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Nov/10: Nikkei BP appoints Avani Media as the exclusive Western United States advertising representative for electronics and mechanical engineering publications.

Nikkei BP's popular and reputable line of print and online electronics publications will now be exclusively represented by Avani Media in the Western USA. This extensive line of publications reaches out to the engineering, research and development and electronics management sectors to provide quality information to electronics professionals.

Nikkei Electronics has provided a leading source of information for cutting edge engineers for nearly 40 years. Its strong brand reputation allows it to stand out among Japanese electronics professionals as one of the best sources of electronics manufacturing R&D and design information.

Nikkei Monozukuri reaches out to engineers and managers in the automotive industry, industry machinery, and precision and office machinery. The publication prides itself on offering innovative tips to streamline operational processes, strengthen competitive edge and enhance alliances between engineers all over Asia.

Nikkei Automotive Technology is on the front line of automobile development and design. It is Japan's first comprehensive magazine that covers all facets of automotive technology and engineering. The publication includes areas such as environmental protection, precision and appliances.

Green Device Magazine
, the semi-annual publication delivered to selected subscribers of other Nikkei electronics publications, is a newer medium which seeks to connect green society creators and users. The technological and trend information provided in this publication encourage engineers to work with the community to create a greener world for everyone.

Tech-On! is an up to the minute one-stop destination for Japanese engineers to access the latest technology and product information. Themed sites within the main website include segments like "Digital Consumer Electronics," "Automotive Technology" and "Electronic Parts & Components" where engineers can go to learn and share information.

Tech-On! Chinese
is a sister site to Tech-On! that provides unique information for Chinese engineers and corporate executives. Editorial content is mainly comprised of articles from Tech-On! that apply to Chinese engineers.

Tech-On! English
, another sister site to Tech-On! delivers comprehensive information on electronics and manufacturing to English-speaking engineers interested in trends and developments in Asia, especially Japan. The site includes editorial content from the Japanese version of Tech-On! as well as articles from Nikkei Electronics.