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May/08: deSciner Business Network awards Avani Media exclusive representation rights to OBBeC (Open Biocomputing & Biotechnology Electronic Centre).

OBBeC is the leading international biotechnology and Bio-IT BtoB portal for elite members of the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries, including chief executives, decision makers, senior researchers and scientists worldwide. Through its various online channels and interactive tools, OBBeC offers daily headline news, in-depth analysis, product reviews and industry reports. In addition, as a dynamic, Web 2.0 platform, OBBeC allows industry leaders not only to view but also share the latest news, business leads, and investment opportunities. The site's circulation has increased consistently over the last few years and is continuing to increase, reaching now one of the best in vertical biotechnology and healthcare markets.

OBBeC is published by deSciner Business Network, which also operates the deScinerNet Science Ad Network. As the world's first network connecting publishers of top independent scientific websites and online magazines with advertisers of key scientific sectors around the world, the Network's goal is to increase advertising revenue for their partner sites and help advertisers reach the right target audiences anywhere in the world more cost effectively. deScinerNet currently runs networks covering the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Healthcare sectors and allows only the highest quality sites to become members. For more information about deScinerNet, please visit: www.desciner.net.

Click here to learn more about OBBeC.

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