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Jun/09: On June 22nd, VNUnet, Incisive Media's flagship online technology publication, was rebranded as V3.co.uk.

V3.co.uk will continue to offer 24/7 reporting, regardless of where and when the news is generated, with UK reporting seven days a week and two fulltime reporters in Silicon Valley. V3.co.uk’s non-stop approach to news includes reporting on weekends and bank holidays. The website already has the highest volume of UK IT news, with a minimum of 130 original articles published per week, spread across news, reviews, videos, blogs and analysis.

The rebrand marks an important stage in the website’s evolution following Incisive Media’s acquisition of VNU UK in 2007. The website is already one of the most commercially successful IT news sites in the UK, with more than 1.2 million unique visitors per month, generating 2.5 million page impressions. The rebrand follows a year of reinvigoration and investment in the site, which is Incisive’s premier web property by revenue.

Research conducted by Incisive into its audience’s online habits revealed that the vast majority (86%) wanted to see news as it happens. As many as 85% wanted to see instant but brief ‘first look’ reviews of new products and services. These findings led Incisive in August 2008 to double the size of the title’s full-time editorial team under a new editor and refocus the content to match the requirements of UK IT professionals even more closely. The changes have been well received by the industry, with the website being the only IT news site in the UK to be shortlisted for four awards in 2009 (Best Business Website, in both PPA and AOP awards, Best Editorial Team and Best Mobile Site in AOP awards).

Robin Booth, Publishing Director of the Business & Technology Group at Incisive Media, said: “Advertisers want to channel their budgets into trusted brands with industry longevity and clear editorial focus. They want to know that UK IT professionals are reading and interacting with the content. The combination of growing volumes of UK traffic, focus on UK content and high levels of UK audience engagement mean the time is now right for the second stage in the website’s evolution: rebranding as V3.co.uk. The new name reflects the website’s mission of delivering UK content to a UK audience.”

V3.co.uk has structured its content to encourage and promote dialogue with the UK IT community, with readers’ comments given higher prominence on the site. The website’s reader forums have also been relaunched on a state of the art platform, with more than a million messages migrated to the new forum software.

Tim Webb, Publisher of V3.co.uk, said: “V3.co.uk combines the high quality journalism expected of a trusted news brand with the principles of social media, providing a platform for UK IT professionals to interact with the content. By giving our audience more opportunities to interact with the content, we’re creating an even more compelling offering for advertisers. V3.co.uk is the essential editorial and advertising platform for global IT brands that want to target UK decision-makers.”

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